Episode 9

Published on:

26th Oct 2023

Enchanted Episode 9 - a short meditation with eyes open

In this episode, Rafaëlle takes you on a very short meditation you can do with eyes open, even while driving! Tune into your body and relax into yourself while being alert to everything around you.

The vocal transmission at the end is an improv on the piano. We know the mic isn't great, but we feel the transmission still comes through...enjoy.

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About the Podcast

Revealing the enchantment of life through the eyes (and voice) of a highly sensitive, scientifically studied, spiritually passionate guide and consciousness activator
ENCHANTED is a space where Rafaëlle Cohen, transformational guide and vocalist, former engineer & architect turned performing artist (singer, actress, dancer) now devoted to the rise of consciousness on Earth, shares her personal experiences of transformation as a highly sensitive being in a mutating world, and her unique insights on life being an enchantment.

She will address themes such as oneness, being present with what is here and now, the world’s current transformation, somatic experiencing, shadow illumination, emotional transmutation / alchemy, the invisible universal quantum laws that reign, sacred sensuality, feeling the bliss of existence cellularly.
Rafaëlle shares her personal experiences, takes you through her transformations and breaks down some spiritual concepts, so that the vision of enchantment may blossom in all who resonate.

Rafaëlle ends every episode with a voice and light language transmission.

New episode every Thursday

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Rafaëlle Cohen

Rafaëlle Cohen is an activator of consciousness & healing through voice, aura, movement and words.

She grew up traveling around the world, learning 7 languages, and receiving a science-based education. She studied Mathematics and Physics at the highest level and obtained a double-degree in two of the top Engineering and Architecture colleges of Europe.

Then, Rafaëlle completely transformed into an international film and musical theatre actress and singer, working with some of the most renowned artists in the world like Alan Menken, Michel Legrand, Roman Polanski and Tony Kaye, to name a few.

When the dreams came true but the profound pains didn't leave, she started diving deep within. That is when a long chrysalis began, and slowly opened her up to the mysteries of life, and to the realization of her true gifts. It is said that there is deep healing and timeless essences imprinted in the messages she carries through her voice.